Unravel Wireless Charging Set

Keep your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch fully charged with this powerful (and portable) wireless charging set

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  • Includes: Unravel and MFi Apple Watch Travel Charger

  • Unravel 

    • Wirelessly charge three devices, including Apple Watch all at once 

    • Modular design allows for a convenient foldable package

    • Supports Apple Watch, iPhone, Samsung and all Qi-enabled devices

  • MFi Apple Watch Travel Charger 

    • USB-C to Apple Watch 

    • Part of the Made for Apple program (MFi)

    • Compatible with all Apple Watches 1-6

    • Pocket-sized — take it everywhere you go 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Barbara Fitzgerald
Excellent product

The ampere 3 +1 unravel suits all our charging needs. It is compact and charges quickly.

Great product, simple to use

The Unravel works as advertised and my Apple devices charge quickly. There's room for improvement when using it as a stand: The Unravel has phone stands that can be used when the Unravel is folded into a triangle. Unfortunately only 1 stand can be used at a time. Having the phone stands located on the inside hinges would enable two phones to be charged at the same time without worrying it might slip away from the Unravel. Not a deal breaker since I use it laid out flat on a desk.

Paul Trybula
Ampere review

great product!! Fast shipping!! Definitely recommend this product.

Scott Rychnowski
Great accessory

I Love having my Unravel charging pad, it’s always been a pain to find the correct power cords for my AirPods Pro and iPhone, so this has been working out great for me.

Keith Tan
Not as easy to use as advertised

The product is lovely and well made. But that is where it ends. The arrows do not correspond to how the current should flow making the plugging in of the power supply difficult. placement of the phone only works when the pads are laid flat or when the phone is in a landscape orientation. Two stars because it is not as functional as I thought it would be. However, if you are getting this to lay on a table to charge your phone while you go to bed, then the charging speed is excellent, and after the charging is complete, there is a trickle charge, which means your phone is not hot the next morning, possibly prolonging the life of the phone. For me, I find it hard to recommend this to others and it is really how you intend to make use of this. The power supply that comes with the charger can be used for other purposes as well. Getting the add on universal plugs is unnecessary as many modern multi-plugs do the same job at no cost.

Deborah Dodge
Great compact multi-charger for travel

While it isnt perfect (you can miss the sweet spot on a pad and not get your phone charged), it saved me taking multiple chargers for my watch, my phone and my husband’s phone.

Andrew chandler

Just got it today

Rajendra Kumar
excellent product

what i was looking for and easy to use product

Andrew chandler

Very good and love it and i just got it today

Jyoti Kataria
Compact and effective

This is my second purchase of this product. I bought a second one as a gift for a friend. Charges all three apple products at the same time. Love that it charges my full circle too so I have external
Charger on the go. Must have for any one who likes to travel and have a compact solution to all your charging needs. Delivery was a major issue so was getting it replaced right after launch because my apple Watch didn’t work with it. Replacement took over six months. Still waiting on my second full circle placed through original kick starter.