The AirTag Bolo Tie

Why We Made The AirTag Bolo Tie

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We’ve all had that sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs when you can’t find your bolo tie anywhere and realize you’ve lost it… or worse, someone has stolen it. Bolo ties have become extremely valuable to thieves. They are a coveted fashion accessory. And for good reason — bolo ties are the ultimate form of self-expression and they boost our confidence when we wear them. Unfortunately, the odds of finding a lost or stolen bolo tie are slim. So, we decided to finally do something about it. 

Introducing The AirTag Bolo Tie by Ampere — the world’s first trackable bolo tie that integrates with Apple’s Find My app.

Fashion meets function with the new The AirTag Bolo Tie. Made with a timeless design, The AirTag Bolo Tie features a star-shaped pendant slide with a magnetic center designed to hold your Apple AirTag. Ultra-strong magnets lock the AirTag into place, keeping the powerful location tracking device safely connected to your bolo tie under any conditions. If disaster strikes and you end up losing your new favorite fashion accessory, you’ll be able to track it using the native Find My app on your iPhone.

But the functionality doesn’t just stop there. You may need to look twice, but the braided cord is actually a charging cable made from Ampere’s new signature cable material. It’s an MFi-certified C-to-Lightning charging cable made from recycled ocean plastic and braided with Kevlar for durability. So, not only does it keep the AirTag and pendant in place around your neck, but it can be used to charge up your iPhone when you’re out and about. Connect the USB-C tip to one of Ampere’s power banks, like Jetpack, and you’ll have a convenient way to charge your iPhone whenever you need it.

There’s no denying that The AirTag Bolo Tie is brimming with functionality, but most importantly it’s stylish too. True fans of Apple will be proud to wear their AirTag on display. The AirTag Bolo Tie prominently showcases the chrome AirTag finish and trademark Apple logo. It’s the perfect fashion accessory for any summer event — weddings, important meetings, jury duty — it can truly be worn anywhere and everywhere. 

How did we come up with this idea?

After developing Dusk, our electrochromic smart sunglasses, we set out to develop our next big new wearable tech product. We surveyed hundreds of people about their favorite wearable accessories and, far-and-away, the most common response was... "the bolo tie". That led us to wonder, "why aren't more people wearing bolo ties?" The answer, as it turns out, is surprisingly simple. People like bolo ties so much that they are afraid to wear them out for fear of losing them. It was like a lightbulb went off and we knew what we had to do. Thus, The AirTag Bolo Tie was born.

Who is this product for?

Some of the the best dance moves involve bolo ties; with The Whirlwind being the most popular. A recent study showed that, taking off your bolo tie, spinning it around your finger, and accidentally having it fly off is the #1 most common cause of bolo tie loss at weddings. With the Find My app, finding a bolo tie after a whirlwind misstep is simple. So go on. Give it a whirl!

Another thing we heard from our respondents was that they hated wearing bolo ties out because people always want to borrow them. Once loaned out, it's hard to track your bolo tie down. Odds are, whoever is wearing the bolo tie has been invited out to some cool party and left you alone and bolo tie-less. Before The AirTag Bolo Tie, there was nothing you could do. Now, it's simple to track down your bolo tie using your iPhone (and probably become the coolest person at the party once you reclaim it). 

Apple Fans
If you love Apple products, it's hard to show it. If you wear an Apple shirt, people will probably think you work at an Apple Store. You can use an iPhone, Apple Watch or AirPods... But everyone does that. With The AirTag Bolo Tie , you can show everyone how much you love Apple by proudly displaying the Apple logo right on your collar. 

The AirTag Bolo Tie is available now for sale on our website, but will only be available on April 1, 2022.

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