65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter

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65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter
65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter
65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter

65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter

Our smallest, but most powerful, PD adapter

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65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter
65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter
65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter
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Sick of carrying around bulky PD adapters? Us too! GaN chargers are smaller, cooler, more efficient and more powerful than traditional chargers. Our mini 65W USB-C GaN PD Adapter can power Unravel AW+, Unravel 3+1 and is also powerful enough to charge your MacBook Pro. It’s barely larger than the iPhone 5W USB-A charger, so it fits easily in your pocket and acts as the perfect travel-sized adapter. Available in US plug type (Type-A) only.

  • INPUT: 100-240V 50/60HZ

  • OUTPUT: Total Output: 65W Type-C PD Output: (5V=3A, 9V=3A, 12V=3A, 15V=3A, 20V=3.25A) PPS Fast Output: 3.3V~21V/3.0A

  • DIMENSIONS: 51*51*28 mm

  • WEIGHT: 107 g

  • WARRANTY: 30-Day Money Back Guarentee, 1-year Manufacturers Warranty


  • IN THE BOX: 65W USB-C GAN Adapter, 2 m. USB-C to USB-C cable

  • COMPATIBILITY: The 65W GAN PD adapter can be used with Ampere's Unravel AW+, Unravel 3+1, Power Cube, MFi Apple Watch Magnetic Travel Charger and Full Circle power bank. It can also be used with all USB-C PD charging devices (including many laptops such as the MacBook Pro).

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This product is covered by our 1-year limited warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Vinod Jacob
Good Portable USB Charger that works

Great tiny PD charger that works with my laptop and all other devices that I ditched bringing the original laptop brick and lost a few pounds out of my bag

Floyd Moore

This charger is great. I Use it with my Note 20 ultra. I didn't even know my Note had superfast charging until I plugged this charger into it. It is amazing!

Derrick A. Brouwn
Small and powerful

Awesome piece of Technology!
Easy to carry with you and very powerful for it's size.

Addition of a USB-A port and a more solid solution for the EU-adapter would make this product perfect!

Michael Hershorn
Powerful and small

Great for powering hungry devices

Avi Federgreen

Amazing products and will be used everyday

Neil Donahoe
Made it right!

First one I got was defective. It was a promotion for Black Friday to get an additional charger for the Unravel. It was replaced quickly. The second one also proved to be defective. I sent both of them back. The third one works fine. Customer service was GREAT! though all of this and worked to resolve this quickly. The Unravel wireless charger is a really nice Iphone plus Apple watch charger.

Steve Davidson
Amazingly compact, works well

Much smaller than the power supply that came with my 13” MacBook Pro, so it is perfect for travel

Have purchased multiples of this charger (and included cable)

What can I say it works in a tiny footprint. GaN technology has changed the charging paradigm, and nothing illustrates this shift more than this charger. Buy it.

Great Small Plug

I have been using the bulky power cord that came with my MacBook Pro, but this plug and cord is much smaller and charges my laptop as well as the Apple plug.

Muhammad Hazwan Omar