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Antimicrobial exterior

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Protect your Cell UV Sanitizer and Wireless Charger with this antimicrobial zippered case. The case is made with silver that eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs on the case's surface. It’s compact and designed to match your Cell's style.

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  • What fits inside the Cell Travel Case?

    This travel case has been designed to fit the Cell UV Sanitizer and Wireless Charger.

  • How is the travel case antimicrobial?

  • Is it big enough to hold the adapter?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Andrew Evans
Best 2020 Christmas Gift EVER!!!

Super pumped when this arrived in time for Christmas. Have been a big fan of Ampere for a while, and I think this product really shows that their heads are in the game when it comes to 2020. I decided to gift it to my parents. You cant be too safe this year with everything going on, and having parents like mine, the benefit of being able to sterilize their gadgets helps me keep them safe.

In terms of charging and functionality, its great and super convenient, similar to the other products I own from Ampere, it has quickly become a necessity.

Ronald A Abramshe
Nice CLEANING charger

This is a nice dual purpose charger. However be advised that your phones battery needs to be Qi certified to use wireless charging.
Just say'in.

Mark J

Nice UV Sanitizer with phone charging capabilities.

Awesome UV Self Cleaning Water Bottle

very useful and portable self cleaning UV water bottle.


I love the Cell! I sanitize my phone, keys, mask, anything that will fit, and it’s so fast and easy!

Helen B.
Fantastic device

I love this, it's so simple and stylish and the UV function does give me peace of mind considering how slowly I drink my water sometimes!

Awesome Find

Works great and handy. Really useful at home and at the office. UV Water bottle is amazing too

Chris Langlois
Love it

Great bottle and it does what they say. I was at a restaurant the other day and their water was horrible. Went to my truck, got my bottle and poured water from glass to bottle. I UV’ed it twice and there was a noticeable difference with the water (better)

Bottle is a little pricey but on my opinion, well worth it.

Diane Owens

UV Self-cleaning Water Bottle

Peter Ellis

It is OK, I have to remove my protective whats is a hassle everything. That is why it is a three star for me.