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App-enabled tint changing smart sunglasses with built-in audio

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Color Black
Lens Type Standard Lenses

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Dusk are the world’s first pair of app-enabled tint changing smart sunglasses — you choose the tint when you want, instantly.

  • Electrochromic lenses
  • App-enabled
  • Open-ear audio
  • Integrated microphone
  • Voice-assistant ready
  • Polarized lenses
  • Classic Wayfarer-style
  • IPX4 Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Fast-charging
  • Built-in location finder
  • 1-year Warranty

Electrochromic Lenses

App Enabled

Listen to Music

Take Calls

  • 110 mAh battery capacity
  • Battery life: 7 days of paired tint adjustment, 4 hours of listening
  • Battery charging time: Charge 80% in 15 minutes, 100% in 45 minutes
  • Battery charging method: Custom pogo pin cable or the Dusk wireless charging case
Other Technical
  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatible
  • 2x speakers with 20-20,000Hz frequency
  • 2x MEMS digital microphone
  • LED charging and pairing indicators
  • 2m braided USB-C to Pogo Pin power cable
  • Frames: TR-90 nylon with IPX4 water-resistant rating
  • Lenses: Shatter and scratch-resistant polarized TAC,
  • Carrying case: Soft neoprene
Dimensions and Weight
  • 166mm x 141mm x 18mm (arm length, temple-to-temple width, frame height)
  • 0.9 oz / 26 grams

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The Best Smart Sunglasses for Outdoors



Electrochromic lenses

You choose the tint level

Adjust the tint in 0.1 secs with the press of a button on the frame or connect them to the Ampere app to set the tint exactly how you want.

Versatile lenses

Perfect for any time of day

The lenses give you true dawn-to-dusk versatility and suit any weather scenario, so you won’t have to buy several pairs.

The full tint range

A little dark? A lot dark? Choose what's right for you.

Built-in speakers

Crystal clear sound discreetly delivered

Listen to your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks. The direction speakers mean it will be for your ears only.

Built-in microphone

Take hands-free calls or summon Siri

Take calls directly through the frames. Plus you can control your music, calls, volume, get directions and more — without reaching for your phone.


What comes in the box?

  • • Dusk Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses
  • • Protective pouch for Dusk
  • • Microfiber lens cleaning cloth
  • • USB-C to Pogo Pin charging cable
  • • Warranty sign-up card
  • • Replaceable nose pads
  • • Polarized testing card

Really, really good looking sunglasses

More than enough power to last you from dawn to...dusk.

7 days

of pairing time for app-tint control

40 hours

of listening time with a fully charged case

4 hours

of active listening on one charge

Additional Features


Dusk weigh less than 28 grams, so you're guaranteed all-day comfort.

Polarized lenses

See things a little more clearly with Dusk's polarized lenses. They block 100% of UVA and UVB rays too.

Built-in alarm

Misplaced your pair of Dusk at home? Set off an alarm via the Ampere app to help track them down.

These are still good looking sunglasses, even with all the technology packed into them.

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Electrochromic Lenses
Polarized lenses
Built-in Audio
Built-in Microphones
Voice-assistant Ready
Mirror Lens Upgrade
Other Colorways


In partnership with Wicue, the world leader in flexible liquid crystal film technology

In partnership with Wicue, the world leader in flexible liquid crystal film technology


Revolutionary liquid crystal lenses

By altering the voltage, we can control the orientation of liquid crystal molecules in the lens, allowing us to adjust the tint level with 1% precision. Dusk lenses transition in just 01 seconds and offer unparalleled optical clarity with low haze

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Customer Reviews

Based on 218 reviews
Me and my husband are completely in love with our new shades

This is an amazing invention! And Im surprised how great it works. I never really liked those earphones so this have an open ears Bluetooth capability and a speaker that you can answer calls. I thinks is brilliant! Plus the factor that u can control the color of your shades is a +++++++. I wish I could put my prescription lenses too, lol. That would make it perfect. lol.

Storm Thorstad
The last pair of sunglasses you will ever need

These things are great, my favorite pair of sunglasses I have ever owned, they are also so nice while driving, I usually use the lowest tint and then once the sun starts coming in, I switch to the darkest setting. It's very nice wearing a pair of sunglasses that can change to accommodate the weather changes. I like being able to click the button on the side when I just wanna use the standard 4 settings. I use the app if I wanna dial in more of a exact tint and also use it to quickly jump to my favorite settings that I have saved. Ampere really knocked it out of the park with this one. Highly recommended

Very Unique Tech!

The electrochromic tech is a very cool idea, and there doesn't seem to be any other glasses like them on the market! I didn't have any issues connecting them to my phone, but I generally found it more convenient to manually change the tint on the glasses themselves. The glasses do everything as promised, but in its current state, I don't exactly know who these glasses are for. They could be useful for driving, and potentially for certain sports or activities with variable lighting. These with prescription lenses would be an absolute game changer, and it looks like their new version will include those as an option.

Love Them More Every Time I Wear Them!

My Dusk glasses are my new favorite purchase for so many reasons.

Adjustable tint: Can be controlled through the app or directly from the frames, presets you can customize to fit your needs, and the spectrum of tint is SO inclusive and appropriate for the brightest days to indoor wear. Yes, I wear these inside. Why, you ask?

Open-back audio: As a neurodivergent person with sensory processing issues, I benefit greatly from playing music while I work on tasks but struggle to wear headphones/earbuds for extended periods. The comfort of the Dusk glasses, their lightweight design and adjustable nose pads make them the easiest accessory to wear for music without overstimulating my sense of touch.

Sound Clarity: I had my doubts about the ability of these speakers to project well enough to enjoy the audio, but was impressed once again. My music sounded clear and high quality without blocking out my environment, allowing me to enjoy my favorite songs along with the chirping birds and blowing gusts of wind.

Sustainability: I was most shocked by how much effort Ampere puts into their sustainability measures! 100% recycled AND plastic-free packaging is so rare and a carbon neutral business in not easy nor cheap to operate.

Overall, Dusk blew my expectations out of the water and ensured I will NEVER turn to another brand for a product like this. I couldn't recommend these more! Whether you're the outdoorsy type, a music lover, tech gadget aficionado, or some combination of any of these things, I fully believe your experience with Dusk will be a positive one!

Isabela Burchett
Looks great

Ive had these for couple weeks and have nothing to complain. You can wear them anywhere. Also, the app is nice and easy! They fit on me and look great on my husband too.

Really cool glasses

The dimming effect works really well. The app that its paired with is pretty simple to use. The thing I liked the most was the option to customize the shade levels from the app which can then be triggered by a button on the glasses.


I got these for a gift for my husband and he loves them!
He uses them mostly when he's riding his motorcycle because at night you can have them clear and during the day depending on how sunny it is he can adjust the brightness.

They are great quality, I think a little on the small side for a mans face but hey he likes them and thanks me every time he uses :)

Noah Birch
Love my new glasses

These are unlike any sunglasses Ive used. The biggest thing for me is that theyre so light and look like a completely normal pair of sunglasses, you definitely dont look like youre wearing a piece of tech on your head. The buttons work great, theyre super responsive and change the tint level or play/pause your music instantly. Thought there would be some getting used to them but it literally just feels like any other pair of glasses with a ton of added features. A very fun and useful product, glad I found them!

Hannah Fitzgerald
Such a unique & fun gadget!

I didn't even know smart glasses were a thing until I found these! These are high tech sunglasses. You can change the tint by the click of a button or using the app. Also, listening to music on these is incredible! It was very easy to connect to my phone. These glasses are so fun to use and will be perfect for summertime.

Aaron Croft
Cool and Useful Tech

I liked him so much I ordered another set for a family member. These glasses are absolutely amazing! Very light weight, and sleek looking, you would never expect the technology that they hide so well.

The only way that you would notice that these glasses are not a normal set of wayfarers is by some metal contacts on the bottom of an arm. That is the charging port for your new sound system, and an amazing technology that lets them go light to dark with a push of a button or the slide of a control in an app.

Seriously, worth every penny! The app is easy to use, the glasses turn heads, and the fact that you don't have to take them off when it gets dark, you can just lighten them up makes these truly all day and night wearable!