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Wow!!! What a great gift from Ampere!!! I love it and use it all the time when I travel. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Great little travel kit

I’m on a trip and tossed this kit in my suitcase. It works perfectly for charging devices on a trip and takes up no space at all. I’m using it to charge both an IPhone and an IPad. I’m hoping to buy several as stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Fabio Bassani


33W PD Adapter
Andrew chandler

Very good with the 2 ports on it and easier to char 2 at once

Very good and charges very quickly for the Apple Watch

Really handy!

This little kit has come in to save me a lot of problems twice already since receiving it. Fits in a pocket, purse or anywhere you can grab it in a hurry to make a connection pretty much anywhere.

Very handy!

Nice, small size. Works great. Only wish is for either another cable, or a longer one, maybe double the current length. You could make another loop around the current box. I love the adapters!

Very convenient tool set, especially when travelling ligth

It is great to have this very versatile cable set that works we pretty much all my gadgets. It is especially great for kick trips when you want to travel super light. It fits in the pocket and replaced well the traditional cables bag.

Travel size

It’s great for traveling..Fits anywhere!

Slim Solution!

This kit is perfect to keep in a bag or backpack. It may not contain long cords, but it will ensure that you will be able to charge anything you have as long as you have a charging block. You will never find yourself at a hotel without the wrong cord.

6-in-1 Travel Cable Kit
Vincent Ocampo
All in one charging kit = Awesomeness

I travel a lot and this device has been awesome to carry and utilizing. Fits in my briefcase. My co-workers have asked a couple of times where I got it. I am proud to say,

6-in-1 Travel Cable Kit
Juan Pelegrino
Very affordable & nice to have when on the go!

I love this little case & it’s an all in one & it’s perfect for my needs! Thanks again for another quality product!


A perfect find for travel

Charging Kit

Great contact charging kit!

Dusk sun glasses

Everything is ok just the microphone the people don’t listen

6-in-1 Travel Cable Kit
Luis Ernesto Valdez Rubio



Love It

Keep up the great tech.

6-in-1 Travel Cable Kit
Steve Karmeinsky
Great USB adapter

Does everything (useful) to everything in a slim easy to carry case. Great for connecting phones to chargers or USB or anything that needs connecting

Extremely useful

This 6-in-1 Travel Cable Kit is so well-thought-out and is very handy and useful in many situations. Since owning this 6-in-1 Travel Cable Kit it has been a lifesaver for myself and my friends, who all want to know where I found it! That is a testament in itself of how useful this kit is. Buy one now, you won't regret it.

Biodegradable too! What's not to like?

Side Pocket Bundle
Jose Sarmento
A great idea

A valuable solution for a known problem: walking around securely with our documents and digital companions. Several compartments: (1) keys and other stuff (2) Secure RFID cards (3) iPhone (4) and a big battery.
Very well crafted.
But one suggestion, the first pocket should be a little bigger, too small for day to day stuff. More 3 cm large and 1,5 cm high.

Tiziana Nordio

It works exactly as described. Great both app and manual control of the darkness. Perfect audio and microphone. Battery lasts one week.

Can Ozkan


Ampere Very Good Power Bank

Light and convenient to carry around.

I love Dusk!

Firstly - the technology is amazing. I really like the glasses and the regular but good looking design they feature. Most people wouldn't recognize them as smart glasses! The polarization is amazing, everything looks so pretty through them! I use the button to change the dimness all the time, when entering my house, a store, work etc. It's really nice not having to take them off!
The thing I really didn't like was the time it took to ship to my location (Balkans), but it was worth the wait and the guys from dusk even gave me a complimentary discount due to unreasonable time I was waiting (about 3 months).