Shower Power Manual & FAQS


Download the Shower Power manual here.


Shower Power Pro will be integrated into the Ampere App in late February 2022.

You can download the Ampere app from the Apple Store now. Just search "Ampere Tech". The app will also be available on the Google Play store soon. Please note that Shower Power Pro will be available to use with the app in late February, 2022.

Yes. The good thing about showerheads is they are almost 100% universal. That’s why you can easily change your shower head or buy a filter. And now, add a speaker ;-).

Alright... we're going to get a bit into the weeds here.

The flow of water from your shower rotates the internal turbine (impeller) inside shower power.
The turbine is connected to a set of magnets which then, in turn, also. At the center of the generator is a set of stationary copper coils.
The magnets rotating around the copper coils create an electromagnetic field which creates alternating current power (AC).
AC is sent to a rectifier on the PCB where it is converted direct current (DC).
A DC/DC circuit then converts to power to 5V so it can be used to charge the internal 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery.
This lithium-ion battery is what is used to power all the Bluetooth speaker functionality.
When water is flowing and the speaker is in use, the lithium-ion battery can charge and discharge at the same time.

If you listen to Shower Power often, without the shower going, you could get to the point that you drain the battery of Shower Power. We have designed “Low Power Mode” to ensure that you will never be without music. If Shower Power drops below 25% charged, you will not longer be able to listen to Shower Power without water running. In addition, the max volume will be reduced to ensure the batter recharges quickly. So…. I guess what were trying to say is… You will never run out of battery.

Shower Power is the “Hydropower Shower Speaker” not the “Old Boring USB Charging Speaker”. Shower Power is charged by the water from your shower. However, for an "in case of emergency" situation, Shower Power does have a USB-C input too.

We designed Shower Power with materials designed to handle years in a wet environment, that are easy to clean. We’ll come out with a more detailed guide for cleaning shower power but almost all standard cleaning methods are fine.