UV Sterilizer and Wireless Charger

Launches on Kickstarter on July 21

Super Early Bird Gets

  • 30% off the future retail price
  • Free antimicrobial cable (worth $19)
  • Earliest Shipping

Bonus When You Pre-Commit for $1

  • Free UV self-cleaning water bottle (worth $89)
Perks of Being a Super Early Bird
Our UV-sanitizer and wireless charger, is launching on Kickstarter on July 21.

To join our Exclusive Super Early Bird list, pay just $1 now and you’ll get a secret gift — a UV self-cleaning water bottle valued at $89 — when you back the campaign.
Don’t worry! The $1 will be deducted from your Kickstarter pledge. How easy is that?
30%+ OFF the Future Retail Price
Free Antimicrobial Cable (valued at $19)
Free UV Self-Cleaning Water Bottle* (valued at $89)
+ You'll be the first to know when we go live!
A Secret Exclusive Gift for $1
Valued at more than $89, this bottle zaps bacteria and viruses to keep you safe and your water tasting fresh. You’ll never have to actually clean the bottle or worry about whether your water is full of biological contaminants ever again.

The UV water bottle is FREE to anyone who pays $1 to join our Exclusive Super Early Bird list and pledges one of our rewards that contains the UV Sterilizer and Wireless Charger during the campaign.
Why Kickstarter?
Ampere was born on Kickstarter. In 2019, our first product, Unravel, became the most funded wireless charger in crowdfunding history. We wouldn’t be where we are without our OG backers.
Launching a product on crowdfunding allows us to give our backers an exclusive discount (and freebies) and in return they give us valuable feedback along the way about what they want out of our products. For example: in our first Unravel feedback survey, “glow-in-the-dark” was a suggestion by one savvy backer and today, it’s by far our most popular color on our website. Crowdfunding shapes our products and shapes who we are as a team.
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What does this $1 actually get me?
This $1 will secure your spot on our Exclusive Super Early Bird launch list. This will give you the biggest discount on Cell and you’ll also get a FREE exclusive gift — a UV self-cleaning water bottle.
When is Cell launching on Kickstarter?
Cell launches on July 21 on Kickstarter, but we will notify you as soon as we go live!
When will Cell be shipped?
Cell will be shipped in September - October, 2020. A more exact timeline will be shared on launch.
Can Cell clean more than just my smartphone?
Yes! Anything that can fit inside Cell can also be sanitized. Personally, we use it to clean our AirPods, watch, credit cards and cash.