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Totally worth it, sound is good. I don't need to worry about charging it

Dusk Lite

The best

Great size & so convenient!😎


Honestly it belongs at every WFH desk.

Really good for traveling or your car 🚙 when your out and about sometimes you forget to charge your Apple Watch so love it 👌🏼

My son like this…it is stylish, lightweight and a lot room to put all his stuff.

Dusk Sport
Mia K

Beta-testing Dusk Sport sunglasses was a revelation. The tech behind the tint-changing is impressive, and audio quality is seriously amazing.

I like it, better than my old one, good quality.

Dusk Sport
Scarlett S

The tint-changing technology is a standout feature. I love it. I didn’t realize this was possible.

I really like the design of Dusk Rx. The sensor isn't obvious but it lets you know there is something special about the glasses. And they are special. I like using both the automatic mode and the controls on the legs.

Perfect Presription Smart Glasses

I've been blown away by the features that these glasses offer. I recommend Dusk Rx to anyone looking for a pair of prescription smart glasses.

Dusk Sport
Ava Mar
Dusk Sport sunglasses are my go-to for any outdoor activity

The lenses are super clear and change based on the amount of light. I like having speakers and microphones in the glasses instead of wearing headphones. These sunglasses are perfect for running, cycling, or just enjoying the outdoors.

Dee t
Travel must have

Best travel sunglasses when I’m on a trip! Easy to adjust and they work well indoor and outdoor. I used to bring multiple pairs of sunnies with me but now I only bring dusk

These glasses exceeded my expectations. The electronic tint control is a game-changer.

Smart Sunglasses that Adapt to Light

I found the default tint adjustment settings on Dusk Rx to be spot-on. I like the automatic tint adjustment on Dusk a lot more than my transitions glasses.

Dusk Sport
Dan Lee

I was an early backer for the original Dusk and then got to try out these new ones. I loved the original but I like these even more. Keep up the good work Ampere!

Dusk Sport
Joseph Robin

Got to test this early. I think these could be the next big thing in eyewear

Five-Star for Comfort and Tech Brilliance!

Really comfortable glasses. They fit really nicely. The materials and finish feel premium. The lenses are really clear and feel high quality. They feel like a really nice pair of prescription glasses with the added benefit of being able to change the tint. I'm really satisfiied with them.

They're futuristic yet practical - 5 stars

Basically, a pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses that I can use in any condition. A well-deserved 5/5.

Dusk Sport

If you love sports this is a must have

I highly recommend Dusk Rx to anyone looking for a pair of prescription smart glasses that are stylish, functional, and, all things considered, pretty affordable.

I've been waiting for prescription Dusks

The first thing that struck me about the Dusk Rx glasses was their sleek and sophisticated design. Exceptional build quality, comfortable fit, and the details around the tint controls and charging ports are impressive.

Dusk Sport
Savannah Hall

Really enjoyed beta-testing Dusk Sport! They aren’t perfect yet… but they are pretty close. I love the style and all the functionality.