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Debora Young
One pair of shades for any weather situation

I live in Melbourne and the weather is incredibly unpredictable (I swear it changes like 20 times a day). Before I got to test a pair of Dusk, I had to stash several pairs of sunglasses in my car and swap them out based on how sunny it was outside. But not anymore! Dusk are AWESOME. I love that one pair of sunglasses has so many tint options. I'll never be at the mercy of Melbourne's sky again!


三角形にしたときにApple Watchとスマホを同時に充電できるようになればもっと良い。
It would be great if it's possible to set smartphone and Apple Watch simultaneously in triangle mode.

Baker Smith
No more creepy transition lenses!

I've been wearing transitional lenses for 15 years now (my wife calls them my creepy glasses) and I was stoked to try these out. With Dusk, I no longer have any awkward lens transitions. I just choose what I want, when I want!!!


So happy to be one of the Beta Tester of ShowerPower. Super easy to install with clear directions! I love that it's sustainable Idea. Also, it's super convenient that it turns on as soon as you turn on the shower. This is the perfect way to make your music listening experience easier in the shower!

Built-in cables are AWESOME

I'm one of those people who ALWAYS seems to be low on battery and I have found this power bank to be a gamechanger. The thing I love most is the built-in cables. With Really Good Power Bank, there's no need to scramble through your bag to look for a power bank and a cord! This is my new go-to charging solution when I leave the house.

Cheryl Belluomo
Love it!

I am so glad to have found this product and love that I only have one charger for multiple items.

Great product, simple to use

The Unravel works as advertised and my Apple devices charge quickly. There's room for improvement when using it as a stand: The Unravel has phone stands that can be used when the Unravel is folded into a triangle. Unfortunately only 1 stand can be used at a time. Having the phone stands located on the inside hinges would enable two phones to be charged at the same time without worrying it might slip away from the Unravel. Not a deal breaker since I use it laid out flat on a desk.


These are the coolest sunglasses ever! You can literally change the tint of the lenses by pressing one button! Thanks for letting me try these out @ampere!!!!

Stanley Piquero
Best Wireless Charger

I am extremely impressed with Jetpack. The magnetic feature is convenient and effective. My other magnetic power bank would slide off, but the Jetpack stayed on my iPhone for hours without moving!

Xander Fross
Great Product!

The Jetpack is light and perfect for a day out! The power bank recharges my phone with a cable or wirelessly, and I dont have to worry about dealing with a dead phone all day!

Ilonna Z
Great design and versatile

Was lucky enough to test this out on my new iPhone and its great. The magnets are crazy strong and it really sticks onto the back.

Ticks everything on the list

-Great sound quality
-Easy connectivity
-Great battery life
-Looks sleek
-Easy to install
-Works as expected
-Doesn't seem cheap
-Great price point

Great speaker.

My little one LOVES music... At all times. It's one of the few ways to instantly make her happy and keep her happy. We've bought idk how many speakers that haven't quite fit our needs (especially when we're giving her a shower or bath). With this product, we've FINALLY found a speaker that works for that!

The PERFECT shower speaker

I've been lucky enough to test this out in my shower and it has transformed my morning routine. I love that I don't have to ever charge it! I just turn on my shower and the speaker turns on. This. Is. Genius.

A Soothing Shower Experience

I'm one of Shower Power's Kickstarter backers and I did not regret signing up to be a beta-tester. I enjoy my time at the shower a lot, and Shower Power makes every bath extra special. This is why I'm pre-ordering again. I can't wait to have the upgraded version!

Name says it all. Really good power bank for iPhone and iPad

Yep. This is a really good power bank.

Yatish Patel

Does exactly what is says. The product is easy on the eye, looks slick, compact and overall a solid product. Very handy when traveling, if we ever get to travel again anytime soon.

Works great: Trail Tested and Approved

This product worked great. I actually used it with my Ampere fanny pack to use when I go horseback riding. A lot of bouncing goes on when moving with a horse on the trail. This product holds up great and kept my water bottle in place despite the rough ride.

Water Bottle Holder
Omar Huitzil

I enjoy this product . Great for hiking

Bonnie Mayo

The charger is great, but couldn’t believe it didn’t come with a charging cord. I also thought it came with a travel case, but it didn’t.

Shower Power
Jop de Hooe
So genial

Top Produkt das macht was erwartet wird uns ist zudem das Energiedparendste Teil das ich in dieser Form bis jetzt kennenlernt durfte .

Clarrenz Johnson
Battery Worry No More!

Jetpack is the best wireless charger Ive tried. It allows you to recharge your phone using a cable or wirelessly, which is super handy. The wireless charging took a little bit longer to charge my phone, but overall it worked well.

Jaden Clark

I freaking LOVE this. Got the i phone 13 mini and it fits perfectly!!!

You'll love it

I love my new shower speaker. I love listening to loud punk rocknroll music, but the only place I can listen to my music without my neighbor "Karen" complaining, is in my shower!

I have a dinky hand-held showerhead set-up and so I was worried about how well showerpower shine would work for me � but I had no issues! The sound from showerpower is sooo much better than my usual speaker on the bathroom shelf set-up and the led lights are a really fun touch.