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Mark Coffman

It came fast customer service kept me in the loop got a few free extra stuff thank you for that. Waiting on my glasses so far so good I will buy more stuff here had no issues.

Jetpack -
Carmen Ion
Very good! No doubt! Highly Recomend!

It is just as good as the original of Apple, or mabe better. Do not hesitate to buy it! Great job guys!

Very Good

Very good fast charger for Apple Watch Ultra, 2m cable is very convenient as well.


Very Long and Durable.

Awesome way protect and charge

The case makes it easy to charge and protect my glasses. I even bought an air tag to make sure I can locate it. The case has a the same charging connector as my android phone. I just toss my case in my bag and don’t have to worry about it coming open. Don’t need to carry special charging cord (in my case).

Rich Russell
My Solution for photophobia and migraines

Even though these are polarized I am able to wear these in front of the computer. The lights at work and windows provide too much light I usually wear migraine glasses but sometimes the light is too much and these glasses are the solution. I can wear these inside stores and just walk out and just hit the button adjust the tint. I love these glasses, and having Bluetooth speakers to listen to music helps so much. Looking forward to the sport version.

Danny Lim
Dusk review

Good quality and design

worth the extra

the case is a must, protects the lenses and the LED charging status makes it easy for a full day charge

Dusk Lite
Kunakorn Taweechaiwat
Good product

I’m impressive lens can ajust tint.

Mišo Privšek


Dusk Sport by Ampere
daniel sekera
My search continues

Stil no one wants to invest in making sport glasses with cheater lenses for the old timers that want to read bike computers

c g
easy to use and if you have and extra cable can charge your phone

Good uvc cleaner and with only one extra charger you can charge your phone while you clean it.

Dusk Recharging Travel Case with AirTag Holder .

Unravel travel case

Love this hard case for my travel unravel charging base!! It holds my unravel and the wire and plug!!! 👍

Dusk Lite -
Paul Kinghorn
Eye Comfort Was Never This Good!

New technology is kind of a gamble. Sometimes it's great, other times it fails to live up to the promise. This is NOT the case for the Ampere Dusk sunglasses! Four different shade settings that are easily changed with the push of a button on the temple, make adjusting for various lighting conditions super easy. Good looking, easy to use/wear, affordable and excellent for alleviating eye strain make these sunglasses a great value. (Oh, spend a little extra to get the Dusk pair, the built-in audio is amazing.)

Chun yu Chen


they are luxurious

Too bad more people don't know. I have 2 Huawei models. 3 different Bosé models. those of ray bam 1 .. and some that the company did not prosper. Not counting Meta glasses, HTC. Yours are the ones that I put I would polish some things that the rest some are good others bad but for me for now they are the best (if you want I will tell you what I have and it is not in the design some details in the APK APPLICATION THAT WOULD MAKE THE DIFFERENCE MORE AND IT IS ONLY IN APK to program cheap and 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. ☺️

Andy Uphoff
Good for many reasons

Having had ear buds in my ears for years these glasses are a very welcome rest.( lucky enough to have grown up racing cars)… Also, you are able to hear things around you at intersections while walking your dog and most of the time you can hear a quick conversation without turning down the music or unplugging your ears!! I also like getting reactions when I change the eye filters… love these glasses!!

Shower Power Pro
Angelique Grandone
Damn good time

The performance far exceeds my expectations. If you can unscrew a soda bottle, you can install it, and the sound quality is excellent. The light effect isn't that dramatic, but the bf chose disco shower, and so he got the disco shower. A super fun gift, and now we all sing in the shower. Mornings are definitely improved.

Ampere Gift Card
Sarah Frates
Best sunnies ever

I love these sun glasses!


Muy buenos gadget los recomiendo quedé enamorado de ellos

Awesome Pair Shades

Really amazing pair of sunglasses. No need to bother yourself to take it ON/OFF just a few touch then wallah. Purchased a Dusk Holiday Gift Set (40% discount). Highly recommended for all users…

Dusk Lite
Keith Montellano

Shade needs to be 3 percent dark

Sarah Frates


Danny Scoggins