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Mohamad Hallal
Very beautiful

I love them

Great charging and maintenance case for these glasses

Works well and charge maintains well. This is my second purchase and it is for my wife who is pleased.

Kimberly Cabrera
Love them

They are extremely comfortable lightweight eventually I am hoping that they’ll be able to put prescription into the lenses that will all be ultimate I think because everything about these glasses are awesome! The charge last for a long time and to recharge it’s quick to equal a complete charge.

Handy space-saver

This is a great set. It is so small, it’s easy to always have in my computer bag or whatever bag/backpack I’m taking with me. I’ve used the tips on other cables, too - so if you have a longer C cable that needs a lightning end, this can be used (at least in some cases). Some said they wish the case would open fully - if it did that it couldn’t double as a phone stand which is part of its design. This is a super handy, versatile cable system that I highly recommend.

Above and Beyond

Great and Easy to use. Installation took a while but after that it was easy to Setup your Preference. I use it while Driving my Car and Inside my motorcycle helmet. Highly Recommended

Alfonso Mendez
Must have glasses

I love my dusk glasses, not only can you control the tent, but you can answer your phone and hear music through your glasses. I love my pair.

Yazan Azar

Simply I love it. The shape is subjective , I used to it. Better to be little lighter but overall it’s amazing, using it daily although I have many from ray-ban , Porsche Design, Serengeti, Prada and other !

Vidussan Suresh
Good service!

They have an excellent Customer service!

Jorge Alarcon
tech Savy

Always liked the look of a good pair of sunglasses, but at the same time, never was satysfied with the polarized, too dark or not good protection at all, but with these i can choose, also, loved, and i mean loved the hands free feature and built in speakers, sound amazingly loud for the size and clear... best tech purchase of the year for me :D


Under normal circumstances i would not write anything, but i loved the wireless charging method for the case, besides the well made feeling and protection for my dusks.

Perfect case for the Dusk glasses

This case fits perfectly and immediately starts charging when the sunglasses are placed in it. Works exactly as it should and is a decent size considering all it does. The only criticism is that the "felt" seems to have a small static charge and little loose fibers like to stick to the lenses of my glasses whenever I charge them.

George Mouzakis
Nice Sunglasses plus Special gadget

The sunglasses are awesome and the lenses are awesome. I recommend them to drivers and carriers. I can check invoices by adjusting the lenses with the push of a button, answer calls and listen to my music discreetly. I think it's one of the best purchases I've made. Thank you very much!!

Elon Dusk
Amazing! I have my elon on my face!

Got my hands on this today. Feel like Neo from the Matrix in the twitterverse.

Real Time tweets! Only Fans girls right up in my face!

That bukake never looked so good

Mark Coffman

It came fast customer service kept me in the loop got a few free extra stuff thank you for that. Waiting on my glasses so far so good I will buy more stuff here had no issues.

Jetpack -
Carmen Ion
Very good! No doubt! Highly Recomend!

It is just as good as the original of Apple, or mabe better. Do not hesitate to buy it! Great job guys!

Very Good

Very good fast charger for Apple Watch Ultra, 2m cable is very convenient as well.


Very Long and Durable.

Awesome way protect and charge

The case makes it easy to charge and protect my glasses. I even bought an air tag to make sure I can locate it. The case has a the same charging connector as my android phone. I just toss my case in my bag and don’t have to worry about it coming open. Don’t need to carry special charging cord (in my case).

Rich Russell
My Solution for photophobia and migraines

Even though these are polarized I am able to wear these in front of the computer. The lights at work and windows provide too much light I usually wear migraine glasses but sometimes the light is too much and these glasses are the solution. I can wear these inside stores and just walk out and just hit the button adjust the tint. I love these glasses, and having Bluetooth speakers to listen to music helps so much. Looking forward to the sport version.

Danny Lim
Dusk review

Good quality and design

worth the extra

the case is a must, protects the lenses and the LED charging status makes it easy for a full day charge

Dusk Lite
Kunakorn Taweechaiwat
Good product

I’m impressive lens can ajust tint.

Mišo Privšek


Dusk Sport by Ampere
daniel sekera
My search continues

Stil no one wants to invest in making sport glasses with cheater lenses for the old timers that want to read bike computers

c g
easy to use and if you have and extra cable can charge your phone

Good uvc cleaner and with only one extra charger you can charge your phone while you clean it.