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Shower Power Waterproof Remote Control -

Shower Power Waterproof Remote Control -

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Shower Power Waterproof Remote Control -

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Daniel Berke

I've been using my Shower Power Pro for over a month now, after backing the original Kickstarter campaign. It took a while to arrive, but it was definitely worth it. The volume's loud enough to hear over the water and the ventilation fan in my bathroom (I haven't even tried to see how loud it'll go), and while I feel the lights are somewhat superfluous and I'd probably have been happy without them, they are nice to have on occasion. (I especially like the temperature-detecting mode, but the slowly-changing mode is relaxing as well.) Basically, it does what I wanted: a way to listen to music in the shower that never needs recharging. And, since it's detachable, I've also got a portable Bluetooth speaker (I got a Droplet as well which I ended up putting in my kitchen, giving me a stereo set of portable speakers.) I was quite impressed with the quality and professionalism of both packaging and product when it arrived – clearly the delay in it getting to me was put to good use. If this is the kind of thing you like, I can definitely recommend the build quality, and I look forward to using both of mine in-shower and out for many years to come.

Mitri Nademahakul
Good 👍 product. Initiative and innovative

Innovative and fun to use Shower Power

Kristoffer Röine Larsson
I don't want to stop showering

I used to have my cellphone in the bathroom playing music, and sure, it produced music. But now, with Shower Power, I can actually hear the music. I'm not sure if my neighbors are so happy about it, but I don't care, 'cause I can't hear them over my Shower Power!

Alyssa Whitaker
Love it

Shower power has changed the game! I love feeling like I’m at the club while I’m in the shower 🚿

Jonathan Trujillo

The shower power is super dope. Great sound and the right amount of base. I listen to podcasts, music and live sports. Too dope!

Gary Towle
Shower Power Pro

Great product, loving having a wireless speaker powered only by the water from my shower


Droplet Waterproof Speaker

Jeff Samuels

Great product. Use daily in the shower. Highly recommended.


Droplet Waterproof Speaker

Zakhele Jiyane

Droplet Waterproof Speaker