30-day Guarantee

At Ampere, we want you to LOVE our products. If for some reason you’re not in love with your purchase (a tell-tale sign is that you don’t get those butterflies in your stomach once you’ve unpacked it), your undamaged Ampere products purchased from Ampere.shop may be returned for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of the date the item was delivered to your shipping address.

You can return it for any reason, and we mean any reason… 

    • The color of your Unravel doesn’t match your eyes...
    • You realised your favorite meat thermometer that you wanted to wirelessly charge isn’t compatible with Qi-charging… 
    • You bought it as a birthday present for a boyfriend/girlfriend, but they just dumped you… 

All you need to remember when you send your item are following, 

    • Returns must include all accessories
    • Items must include original packaging
    • For non-quality related warranty claims, buyer is responsible for shipping costs
    • For quality-related warranty claims, Ampere refunds the cost of the product itself
    • Returns may be rejected if items do not meet the above requirements

To make your 30-day return, email our team at 

Once the eagle (your product) lands in the Ampere nest (our warehouse), the item will be inspected and we’ll begin the refund process.

To our beloved Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers, please note that your items purchased through these crowdfunding platforms are not included in the 30-day no-questions-asked returns policy. However, if you are experiencing a defect, read on below. 

Please remember that refund requests for the 30-day money back guarantee expire 30 days after the item's shipping date (according to the shipping carriers tracking information). It is not possible to process a request for a refund for non-quality issues for items that have expired within this 30-day window. For purchases not made directly through Ampere’s online store, please contact retailers for refunds. For quality-related issues, please go to our returns page.